All classes are operating as normal.

Our seated community meal returns on Monday, 9 May 2022 at noon.

Masks are compulsory in the Methodist Centre

Getting help

Food assistance 

If you have any emergency food need, please contact your nearest Work and Income office.

If you do not qualify for government support, please go to and submit a help request or freephone 0800 568 273. 

Someone from 'Here to help u' will make contact with you and do their best to connect you to some support.

MCA in Orange

Community takeaway lunches will be provided every Monday and Friday until December 17. Covid protocols apply – masks, scanning/signing in, and social distancing. 

Our classes for Cookery, Indoor Team Sports and Art & Craft will finish during the week ending Friday, 17 December.

Food assistance will continue until 21 December. If you need assistance with food, please apply in person at MCA, 62 London St with a letter from Work & Income

To ensure everyone's safety, please get vaccinated!

Level 2 update

For all programmes and services, please scan/sign in, wear a mask and stay 2m apart. 

Cookery classes are all up and running.

Art and Craft starts again on Wednesday at 1.00 p.m. 

Indoor Team Sports starts on Tuesday, with a limit of 12 in each class. Email to register for either 11 a.m. or 1 p.m.

Fun & Fit does not begin until further notice

Brain Gym is on hold until further notice.

 All meals will be takeaway meals in level 2.

We are currently unable to  offer a shower service. In the meantime, Pukete Neighbourhood House have showers available on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Make sure you follow the COVID-19 guidelines.

Covid Vaccinations and Testing in Hamilton

COVID-19 vaccination is free for everyone in Aotearoa

New Zealand.
You can get the vaccine if you’re aged 12 or over – it doesn’t matter what your
visa or citizenship status is. Book your vaccine today.
Book my vaccine


Claudelands Event Centre (pop-up testing centre)
Gate 3, Entrance off Brooklyn Road
Tuesday 24 August, 10am - 6pm, Wednesday 10am - 6pm

Founders Theatre car park
Entrance off Norton Road
8am - 4pm, 7 days a week

For other designated General Practices, visit

Free Counselling Service


Available for anyone, any age, mums, dads, grandparent, kids, staff, employer, you!!! Have a chat, off-load your concerns, frustrations, anger, loneliness. No limit to sessions.

Take a picture and keep this number and text or call. We will ring back. 0275053114

This is a local initiative for the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, King Country


Community Meals

Home delivery from The Serve

Monday – Home delivery between 11am - 2pm 

Friday – Home delivery between 11am - 2pm 

Free Stores


Community Free Stores:

If you’d like to pick up food, please head along to one of the community free stores.  You need to bring your own bags or boxes.

Kirikiriroa-Hamilton Freestores:

Te Whare o Te Ata | 60a Sare Cresent, Fairfield, | 12.00 – 2.00pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Western Community Centre | 46 Hyde Avenue, Nawton | From 3.30pm Monday – Friday

Pukete Neighbourhood House | 43 Church Road, Te Rapa Sportsdrome, Pukete | From 1pm Monday – Friday

Te Whare Kokonga (Melville Community House) | 58 Bader Street, Bader, Hamilton | From 11am Monday – Thursday

Parish of St George and St David | 158 Rifle Range Road, Hamilton West. From 2-4pm, Monday to Friday.

Planning Day

Saturday was a busy time for our Trustees. Without people like these, sacrificing their precious time off, we couldn't do our mahi. A special thank-you to Sarah Gibb for facilitating the hui.

Covid-19 Level 1

Classes from 29 September

All classes, except Fun & Fit, will be back to normal next week. Fun & Fit returns on 15th October.

Indoor Team sports: registration is essential. Choose either 11 a.m. or 1 p.m. session. Contact Wendy (07 8393917) or email her ( Classes begin next week - 29 September.

The Community Meal (sit down!) will be available at noon on Monday, 28 September. Please try not arrive before 11.30 a.m. and sign in at the meal, not in the foyer. The charge for a meal is $1 per person. 

Accessing help:

For assistance with food or other social services, please use the Here to Help U website

Here to Help U

Hamilton residents can now access social service support during COVID-19 at their fingertips thanks to a pioneering community response website ‘‘.

‘Here to help u’ is a community initiative supported by Hamilton community service providers, volunteers and funders to provide hardship and social service support to locals during COVID-19.
Hardship and social service support includes free assistance with food parcels, prepared meals, collection of items service, mental health support, and safe social connection.
To access this support you go to at any time and submit a request for help. A support line staff member will respond to your request


From Yolanda Pierce:

... Let us not value property over people; let us not protect material objects while human lives hang in the balance.
Let us not value a false peace over a righteous justice.
Let us not be afraid to sit with the ugliness, the messiness, and the pain that is life
in community together.
Let us not offer clichés to the grieving, those whose hearts are being torn asunder.
Let us mourn black and brown men and women, those killed extrajudicially every 28 hours.
Let us lament the loss of a teenager, dead at the hands of a police officer who described him as a demon.
Let us weep at a criminal justice system, which is neither blind nor just....
Let us be silent when we don’t know what to say.
Let us be humble and listen to the pain, rage, and grief pouring from the lips of our neighbours and friends.
Let us decrease, so that our brothers and sisters who live on the underside of history may increase.
Let us pray with our eyes open and our feet firmly planted on the ground
Let us listen to the shattering glass and let us smell the purifying fires, for it is the language of the unheard.


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