Methodist City Action is a founding member of the Hamilton Combined Christian Foodbank Trust. The Foodbank is open on Monday 9:30 to 11:30 and on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:30 to 12 noon. 

MCA and its qualified chefs are also proud to provide a community meal every Monday at 12 noon, cost: $1.


MCA believes that it is important to provide services that fill a gap and provide compassion, kindness and development opportunities to our people. 

We provide an email based information service for social service providers. Sign up for this by emailing

We are well connected with other Hamilton-based social services, so if you're lost, we can probably point you in the right direction. 


This is a specialised service that assists a relatively small population, but it can make a huge difference in their lives. Our Advocate, Jean promotes a better understanding of the culture and needs of Deaf and Hearing-Impaired people through courses in NZ Sign Language and advocacy in the public domain. The only advocate in Waikato, Jean is very much in demand to accompany people to appointments with professionals or government departments and provides interpreter services, along with basic literacy, numeracy and budgeting assistance. Jean advocates locally and nationally for better inclusion of the Deaf and Hearing-Impaired at all levels. 



This is a class that provides for the opportunity to engage with and try a variety of basic art and craft activities. Students have a variety of interests and creative strengths and are encouraged to try different activities. There is something different to participate in each week and we aim to have a completed project to take home by the end of the session.

Anyone is welcome; many of our students are on the disability spectrum and we endeavour to provide activities that are achievable for anyone regardless of their level of ability. Being able to express oneself creatively is recognised as being good for personal wellbeing. 

Classes are quite organic in structure and while there is an activity to focus on, people interpret it as suits them and are encouraged to experiment with the material available.   We celebrate creativity and provide an environment that can be sociable or to enable someone to work at their own pace with as much or little support and encouragement as they need.


This is an activity class for those with higher needs on the Disability Spectrum. It provides a range of sensory activities to interact with and do, providing sensory stimulation and a place to go and interact with other people. It offers a calm, friendly, well-supervised space and  gently encourages participation and interaction.

Students are generally accompanied by their own Support Worker and we expect them to interact with their client and assist them to engage with the activity. The programme facilitator is on hand to provide extra assistance, support and encouragement across all the participants for the session. 


$5 per session - bookings essential

We run a range of cookery classes that cater for absolute beginners right through to those with  advanced cookery skills, confidence and special interests.

Classes are both practical and theoretical, with classes alternating between the kitchen and the classroom.  Lessons rely on student participation to share information and discussions with others in the class. Information shared in this way can range from quite technical discussion about various techniques being used, or relating to different cultures or food types.

Most of our classes are designed specifically for people on the disability spectrum. The Chef-Tutors endeavour to find solutions for those who need to use the kitchen tools and equipment differently, and in ways that they can be independent in their cookery. The classes are expected to work as a team and support each other and they learn from each other’s abilities and are able to problem solve with and for each other.

We focus on mastering the basics; skills using kitchen equipment, food hygiene, food storage, food budgeting, meal planning, basic nutrition, understanding the reactions that happen in food to make it safe to eat through cooking, etc.  Students have the opportunity to influence what food the class prepares. If they have a special interest or goal we endeavour to help them to achieve it.


This is the ideal environment to participate in a team sport and hone your skills without it being too competitive or overly physical. There are two identical sessions each Tuesday: 11.00a.m. and 1.00p.m. Please register for the session you will attend (email Wendy). The activities available each week are listed below.

Each week the Facilitator runs a different team sport activity such as Badminton, Volleyball, Soccer, or Bowls,  which are set up in the indoor auditorium. There is always a Table Tennis Table set up for those who want to play one on one, and we have a selection of Board Games for those who want a less physical activity to play with someone.

Students are guided in the rules of the game, supported to learn / improve the skills required to actively participate, affirmed in the demonstration of good sportsmanship, and encouraged to have a good time and to be active in a supportive and fun environment.

Indoor Team Sports Schedule

This timetable applies to both the 11.00 a.m. and the 1.00 p.m. sessions and is repeated every month. 

Table tennis is available every week.
First Tuesday of the month: volley ball
Second Tuesday of the month: badminton
Third Tuesday of the month: indoor soccer
Fourth Tuesday of the month: Indoor bowls
It there are five Tuesdays in the month, the fifth Tuesday will be volley ball.


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